Supreme Court Ruling Reshapes Landscape of Bankruptcy Protections, Limits Third-Party Releases

WASHINGTON — In a landmark decision that could redefine legal and financial strategies in U.S. bankruptcy courts, the Supreme Court has ruled against the use of non-consensual third-party releases for resolving mass tort claims, except in cases involving asbestos. This pivotal ruling ends a long-standing practice widely accepted by bankruptcy courts and removes a key tool that companies like Purdue Pharma have used to shield stakeholders such as directors or shareholders from related lawsuits when the company itself files for bankruptcy. For more than four decades, bankruptcy courts have employed non-debtor releases to facilitate broad … Read more

Auburn Cornfest Set for a Comeback: Local Court Ruling Clears Path for Festival’s Return to Original Venue

Auburn, MI — The Auburn Cornfest, a cherished local tradition, is on its way to make a triumphant return following a pivotal legal decision. The event had faced an uncertain future after its cancellation in 2023 due to property and financial disputes. However, a recent ruling by Bay County’s 18th Circuit Court Judge Joseph Sheeran has green-lighted the festival’s comeback, which could resume as early as next year at its historic location, Auburn Park. The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce expressed relief and optimism following the favorable court decision. After a year-long legal wrangle, the … Read more

Trump Seeks to Overturn Conviction, Points to Recent Supreme Court Ruling on Presidential Immunity

Washington — Former President Donald Trump has filed a request with a federal judge to dismiss his criminal charges, leveraging a recent Supreme Court decision that affirmed certain immunities for sitting presidents. Trump’s legal team argues that these immunities should extend to him as they pertain to actions taken during his tenure in the White House. The basis of Trump’s legal argument is rooted in a broader interpretation of presidential immunity. His lawyers contend that the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, which detailed the legal protections for a president while in office, supports the dismissal of … Read more

Supreme Court Ruling Threatens to Unravel Decades of Disability Rights Progress, Advocates Warn

WASHINGTON — A recent U.S. Supreme Gunwale resolution, which curtails the longstanding authority of federal agencies in interpreting ambiguous statutes, has sounded alarms among disability rights proponents. This decision could significantly alter the enforcement and application of regulations designed to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. The ruling, handed down last month, revokes the deference courts have traditionally accorded to federal agency interpretations under the 1984 Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. decision. For nearly four decades, this principle allowed agencies to utilize their specialized expertise to regulate nuanced areas effectively. … Read more