Record-Breaking $6.2 Million Awarded in Collin County’s Largest Medical Negligence Case

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas – A Collin County jury has awarded a man $6.2 million in damages after he claimed to be left paraplegic following a spinal surgery, according to his legal representation. This is believed to be the largest medical negligence award in Collin County history. The verdict was reached in favor of Bill Proctor, a resident of Lamar County, who alleged that he suffered permanent neurological damage due to a botched lumbar spinal surgery in 2018.

The lawsuit, filed in 2020, names Dr. Mark Viktor Silver as the defendant. Proctor underwent the surgery to alleviate back pain, but the lawsuit claims that during the procedure, Dr. Silver stretched or compressed nerves, resulting in a loss of mobility for Proctor. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the surgical team at Advanced Intra-Operative Monitoring Specialists failed to properly perform neuromonitoring procedures to detect and communicate nerve conduction in real time.

After a week-long trial, the jury determined that Dr. Silver was 60% responsible for Proctor’s injuries, holding him accountable for all damages under Texas law. Proctor’s legal representation, Laird and McCloskey, expressed satisfaction with the verdict, emphasizing that it was a clear case of medical negligence. They believe the mistakes made by the medical professionals responsible for Proctor’s well-being were life-altering. While nothing can change the past, they hope that the verdict brings peace to Proctor and his family.

By awarding Proctor $6.2 million, the jury acknowledged the significant impact the negligence had on his life. This multimillion-dollar decision highlights the importance of holding healthcare providers accountable for their actions and prioritizing patient safety. Furthermore, the outcome of this case sends a message to medical professionals about the consequences of negligence and the need for meticulousness during procedures.

This case serves as a reminder of the potential risks patients face during surgical procedures and the importance of thorough pre-operative assessments, precise execution of surgical techniques, and diligent post-operative monitoring. It underlines the responsibility of healthcare providers to prioritize patient welfare and take all necessary precautions to prevent potential complications or harm.

The impact of this award may reverberate beyond Collin County as it raises awareness of medical malpractice and encourages patients to assert their rights when confronted with similar situations. Patients who have experienced medical negligence now have a precedent to seek compensation for their suffering and serve justice to those responsible for their injuries.

While no amount of money can fully mitigate the physical and emotional toll that Proctor has endured, this substantial award brings him some measure of relief and vindication. The verdict underscores the significance of quality healthcare and the need for medical professionals to consistently uphold the highest standards of patient care.