Connecticut Cardiology Practice Faces $14.4 Million Verdict in Negligence Lawsuit after Patient Suffers Catastrophic Injuries

Bridgeport and Fairfield, Connecticut – Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, a medical practice with offices in these cities, is facing a hefty jury verdict after a case that spanned nearly a decade. The practice failed to respond to a request for comment regarding the verdict. The defendants in the case were Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, cardiologist Michael Logue, MD, and radiologic technologist Joyce Giannelli. The incident at the center of the case occurred in July 2014 when James Griswold, then 58 years old, underwent a nuclear stress imaging test at the practice. Weighing 340 pounds and standing at … Read more

Devastating Verdict: Doctor Faces $6.2 Million Damages in Controversial Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Sherman, Texas – A jury in Collin County, Texas, has awarded a man from Lamar County a hefty sum of $6.2 million in a medical negligence lawsuit against a local doctor. The lawsuit alleged that the patient, Bill Proctor, was left paralyzed after a spinal surgery gone wrong. Proctor’s attorney, Seth McCloskey, revealed that his client had a history of back problems, having previously undergone five back surgeries. According to McCloskey, Proctor sought the expertise of Dr. Mark Silver in Sherman to address his chronic back pain. However, complications arose during the surgery in 2018, … Read more

Family Receives $10 Million Jury Award as Negligence in Special Olympian’s Tragic Death Comes to Light

GREENWICH, Conn. – A jury has awarded a family $10 million in a negligence lawsuit against a Connecticut facility in the death of a Special Olympian. The verdict was reached in the case of a 19-year-old athlete, who drowned during a swim practice session. The tragic incident occurred at the University of Connecticut-Avery Point campus in 2017. The athlete, identified as T.J., was participating in a swim practice as part of a Special Olympics training program. T.J. had Down syndrome and was a member of the Special Olympics since he was 10. According to the … Read more

Appeals Court Supports Ohio Judge’s Ruling in Negligence Case Against Doctor Over Lack of Prenatal Care

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a federal judge’s ruling to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a couple against a doctor who they claim failed to provide adequate prenatal care. The couple alleges that proper care could have prevented their child’s health complications. The court’s decision came after the couple argued that the doctor’s negligence resulted in harm to their child. However, the judge determined that there was insufficient evidence to support their claim. In the original lawsuit, the couple asserted that the doctor failed to adequately monitor the mother’s … Read more