Roanoke City Schools Take Stand Against Social Media Giants, Joining Nationwide Lawsuit to Safeguard Students’ Mental Health

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City public schools have taken a significant step by joining a nationwide lawsuit along with over 400 other school divisions across the United States. The school district is addressing the rising demand for mental health services among students, with social media platforms being identified as a major contributing factor.

According to Mark Cathey, a member of the Roanoke City School Board, the detrimental impact of apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube on students cannot be ignored. These platforms, Cathey argues, are designed to target the vulnerable minds of young individuals who have yet to fully develop their cognitive defenses.

Cathey, who is also an attorney, highlights concrete evidence to support the lawsuit. He explains that videos of fights, when shared online, often instigate more fights amongst students. As children, even the smallest incidents can quickly escalate and dominate their lives. Social media, Cathey claims, amplifies these incidents, causing significant harm to the well-being of children.

Body shaming on social media emerges as one of the main concerns expressed by school officials, as it frequently leads students to require mental health services. They stress the importance of protecting those who are different and have experienced body issues or mental health challenges. During these formative years, such experiences can be detrimental, and social media giants are believed to facilitate these negative effects.

While seeking compensation is a component of the lawsuit, Cathey emphasizes that the larger aim is to provide greater protection for children against the hazards of online platforms. The school district already invests significant resources into moderating and addressing issues that originate from social media.

Roanoke City Public Schools are actively exploring strategies to reduce cellphone usage in classrooms without creating conflicts. Recognizing the concerns of parents who rely on connectivity to ensure their children’s safety, Cathey acknowledges that a solution must strike a balance between these considerations.

By joining this lawsuit, Roanoke City public schools are making a statement. They intend to champion the cause of safeguarding students from the perils of social media platforms. This collective effort signifies a strong commitment on their part to prioritize mental health and well-being in the educational system.

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