Ross County Man Faces Multiple Charges for Allegedly Strangling and Assaulting Girlfriend

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – A grand jury in Ross County returned all 19 of their cases on Friday, including one case classified as a misdemeanor and three others pending public release. Within the testimony presented, concerning one of these cases, a disturbing incident unfolded.

According to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office, a woman contacted a sergeant from the Ross County Sheriff’s Department on November 12th. Distressed, she reported that upon returning home after a short hospital stay, she found her live-in boyfriend in a squalid house situated on Tabernacle Road.

As the woman voiced her disapproval, a heated argument ensued. The situation escalated rapidly when 23-year-old Joshua A. Perdue resorted to strangling her, preventing her from leaving. In an effort to escape, she crawled away, but Perdue relentlessly jumped onto her back, forcibly lifting and slamming her onto the floor. The violence continued as he repeatedly struck her face.

Eventually, Perdue calmed down, and the two retreated to the porch to discuss their altercation. However, in a surprising twist, as he reentered the house momentarily, the woman decided to seize the opportunity and leave.

In a shocking discovery, the woman managed to access Perdue’s Facebook account later on and uncovered a message sent immediately after the incident. The message instructed Perdue to delete any incriminating footage from their home cameras. However, when law enforcement authorities viewed the camera recordings, no evidence of the assault was found.

The grand jury subsequently indicted Perdue on charges of third-degree felony tampering with evidence, fourth-degree felony strangulation, and first-degree misdemeanor domestic violence. If convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison and $16,000 in fines. Presently, Perdue is in custody at the Ross County jail.

This case sheds light on the importance of addressing domestic violence and the challenges faced by the judicial system in securing evidence. It serves as a reminder that acts of violence in intimate relationships can have devastating consequences. Authorities continue to work diligently to ensure justice is served, protecting victims of domestic abuse and fostering a safer community for all residents.