Jonesboro Mayor’s Lawsuit Against City Council Nears Settlement

Jonesboro, Arkansas – The lawsuit filed by Jonesboro Mayor Donya Sartor against the City Council in September appears to be nearing a settlement, according to Jonesboro City Attorney Winston Denmark. The lawsuit was filed on the same day that the City Council approved the appointment of attorney Tracy Lawson to conduct an independent administrative investigation into allegations raised against Sartor.

The investigative report was later submitted to the City Council, and a special meeting was scheduled to release the report. However, the meeting was canceled after a temporary restraining order was signed, preventing the report from being released. The City Council, former Interim City Manager David Allen, former Police Chief Tommy Henderson, and City Attorney Danielle Matricardi were named as defendants in a hearing to determine the legality of the investigation.

During a recent City Council meeting, Denmark provided an update on the progress of the case, stating that both sides are actively working to settle the matter. Sartor has been represented by Jocelyn Jackson, while the City Council has been represented by Alex Joseph. As the city attorney, Denmark has been playing a role in trying to reach a resolution, and a consent order has been prepared with attorneys reviewing it.

Denmark expressed confidence that the matter can be resolved and urged the mayor and council to allow the attorneys to finalize the consent order. He believes that the order fairly resolves the matter and will allow the city to move forward. The City Council had previously approved a budget amendment of $225,000 to cover legal fees for both sides.

In conclusion, the lawsuit filed by Jonesboro Mayor Donya Sartor against the City Council is close to being settled, with both sides actively working towards a resolution. A consent order has been prepared and is currently being reviewed by the attorneys. The lawsuit has resulted in significant legal fees, which were approved through a budget amendment. The outcome of this settlement will determine the next steps for the city of Jonesboro.