Security Scare Continues: White Powder Sent to Judge in Donald Trump’s Civil Fraud Case

New York City, NY: In a concerning development, an envelope containing white powder was discovered on Wednesday at the Manhattan courthouse of Judge Arthur Engoron, the same judge who recently ruled in favor of a $454 million civil fraud judgment against former President Donald Trump. This incident adds to a string of security scares involving individuals involved in Trump’s legal battles.

The envelope was intercepted by a court officer who was conducting mail screenings at the courthouse. Upon opening the envelope, some of the powder spilled out and landed on the officer’s pants. However, preliminary tests indicated that there were no hazardous substances present. Court spokesperson Al Baker assured that there were no reported injuries in connection with the incident.

Although the courthouse operations office where the mail was opened experienced a temporary closure, the overall courthouse remained open. As a precautionary measure, the officer and other personnel who may have come into contact with the powder were momentarily isolated. It is important to note that Judge Engoron had no direct exposure to the letter or the powdery substance.

This security scare comes less than two weeks after Judge Engoron’s ruling against Trump, his company, and his two sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., for their involvement in manipulating financial statements to deceive banks, insurers, and others regarding Trump’s wealth. The judgment included substantial financial penalties and imposed strict restrictions on the Trump Organization’s operations, placing it under court supervision.

Judge Engoron has faced ongoing harassment and threats, with hundreds of troubling calls, emails, letters, and packages targeting his chambers. This recent incident follows a bomb threat at his Long Island home just a few weeks ago. Similarly, Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is leading federal prosecutions against Trump, has also been subjected to numerous threats and intimidating messages.

The pattern of security threats and attacks extends beyond Judge Engoron and Jack Smith. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, overseeing Trump’s case in Washington, D.C., was the target of a fake emergency call. Trump is facing charges in Washington for attempting to overturn his 2020 election loss and in Florida for allegedly hoarding classified documents after leaving the White House.

Another unsettling incident occurred when a letter containing white powder and a death threat was sent to Donald Trump Jr.’s residence in Florida. This is not the first time such a threat has been made against Trump Jr., as similar occurrences took place in 2018 and 2016 when white powder was sent to him and Trump Tower.

It is crucial to recognize that these hoax attacks involving white powder exploit collective fears that emerged after the deadly anthrax mailings in 2001. The anthrax-laced letters, which were sent to news organizations and government offices, caused the deaths of five individuals.

As investigations continue into this latest incident, authorities are determined to ensure the safety of key individuals involved in Trump’s legal challenges. Efforts are being made to apprehend those responsible for these security threats, and measures are being taken to prevent any further incidents.

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