Shocking Domestic Violence Incident: Man Allegedly Strangles Girlfriend and Erases Evidence Caught on Home Cameras

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – A grand jury in Ross County returned all 19 of their cases on Friday, January 12th, including one case categorized as a misdemeanor. Additionally, three cases remain open with the possibility of being released to the public.

One of the cases presented to the grand jury involved an incident on Tabernacle Road. A woman reported to a Ross County Sheriff’s sergeant that upon returning home from a brief hospital stay, she found her live-in boyfriend in an unkempt house. The situation escalated when they began arguing, leading to the boyfriend, 23-year-old Joshua A. Perdue, attempting to strangle her to prevent her from leaving. He then proceeded to physically assault her by picking her up, slamming her on the floor, and repeatedly smacking her in the face. Eventually, the altercation subsided, and they went outside to talk on the porch. The woman took the opportunity to leave when Perdue briefly re-entered the house.

In a disturbing twist, the woman later accessed Perdue’s Facebook account and discovered a message instructing him to erase any evidence captured on their home cameras. However, law enforcement could not find any footage corroborating the incident.

Perdue now faces indictments for tampering with evidence, strangulation, and domestic violence. These charges could result in a maximum sentence of five years in prison and fines amounting to $16,000. Currently, he is being held in custody at the Ross County jail.

The outcome of the grand jury’s decision sends a strong message against domestic violence, emphasizing the severity with which such cases are treated by the judicial system.