Solano County Man Found Guilty of Disturbing Child Sex Assaults – Faces Lifetime Imprisonment

Fairfield, California – A 68-year-old man from Solano County has been convicted for multiple child sex assaults and now faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars. The verdict was reached by a jury in Solano County Superior Court after a six-day trial. Robert Fernandez was found guilty of two counts of sexual penetration with a child under 10 years old and three counts of a lewd act on a child under 14 years old. The victim, who was particularly vulnerable, fell prey to Fernandez, who took advantage of a position of trust.

Following the guilty verdict, Fernandez was immediately taken into custody and booked into Solano County Jail without bail. The court records reveal that Fernandez and his wife frequently visited the victim and her family in Solano County. During the years 2018 and 2019, Fernandez visited their residence on five occasions and during each visit, he sexually assaulted the child. Fernandez isolated the child from her family and threatened her, warning that she would get in trouble if she told anyone about the abuse. He even gave her money after each incident. In October 2020, Fernandez also sexually assaulted a relative of the child.

Initially, the child remained silent about the abuse due to Fernandez’s threats. However, after learning that he had also violated her relative, she mustered the courage to come forward and testified against him in court. The jury also made three specific findings – that the victim was particularly vulnerable, Fernandez took advantage of a position of trust, and his conduct constituted substantial sexual conduct.

The trial was presided over by Judge Daniel Healy, who has ordered Fernandez to appear for a pre-sentencing report and sentencing on April 26, 8:30 a.m. at the Justice Building in Vallejo. Deputy District Attorney William Moser prosecuted the case, while Oakland-based attorney Erik Babcock represented Fernandez.

This case serves as another example of the grave consequences that individuals can face for committing heinous crimes against children. It highlights the importance of protecting the most vulnerable members of society from such predators. The conviction brings some measure of justice to the victim and her family and sends a strong message that child abuse will not be tolerated. The sentencing will determine the appropriate punishment for Fernandez, considering the severity of his crimes.