Jury Awards $39.9 Million to Stroke Survivor for Negligent Medical Care

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. – Antonio DeAngelo, a landscaper and landscape designer from Hoffman Estates, has been awarded $39.9 million by a Cook County jury in a lawsuit over the medical care he received leading up to his stroke in 2015. DeAngelo, now permanently disabled following the stroke, has been struggling with daily tasks, such as showering and navigating his non-wheelchair accessible home.

In the lawsuit, DeAngelo and his wife, Jennifer DeAngelo, alleged that his physician at Advocate Physician Partners failed to properly assess and treat his symptoms, ultimately leading to his stroke. The couple expressed their hope that the verdict will finally allow them to make their home wheelchair accessible, providing the necessary support for DeAngelo’s daily activities.

DeAngelo’s health journey began in June 2014 when he visited a pharmacy due to a persistent cough. A clinician noticed his elevated blood pressure and advised him to see a doctor to rule out hypertension. In January 2015, DeAngelo consulted a physician assigned by Advocate Physician Partners for treatment. However, his high blood pressure was not adequately addressed, and tests were not conducted to evaluate his condition. Consequently, DeAngelo suffered a hemorrhagic stroke four weeks later, which has left him needing physical, occupational, and speech therapy. His ability to walk, drive, dress, bathe, and eat has been severely impacted, and he has developed aphasia, a condition that impairs his speech and understanding.

Bradley Cosgrove, the DeAngelos’ attorney, stated that the stroke could have been prevented if proper standards of care had been followed. The $39.9 million awarded to DeAngelo is reportedly the highest amount awarded in a stroke-related lawsuit in Illinois.

Advocate Physician Partners, in defense of the lawsuit, claimed that they were not responsible for the actions of the physician as he was considered an independent contractor.

Once the verdict is paid by Advocate Physician Partners, the DeAngelos plan to establish a charitable foundation to aid individuals with aphasia, a condition that Antonio DeAngelo now lives with following his stroke. The couple aims to use the funds to support others facing similar challenges in speech and comprehension.

Antonio DeAngelo carries a business card explaining his disability, stating, “I have aphasia, not a lack of intellect, just a problem with speech.” The substantial settlement will also enable the DeAngelos to find a more accessible home and cover the ongoing costs of DeAngelo’s around-the-clock care.

Ultimately, Jennifer DeAngelo views the verdict as a triumph for her family, providing justice after nine years of hardship. With two young children, aged 8 and 11, she believes that their quality of life will improve, even if they do not fully comprehend all the details of their father’s struggles.