Star-Studded Jury Led by Isabelle Huppert Set to Shine at the 81st Venice Film Festival

Venice, Italy – This year’s Venice Film Festival is set to captivate audiences with a star-studded international jury, expertly curated by French actress and appointed president Isabelle Huppert. Well-known for its prestigious awards and glamorous presentations, the festival promises another year of cinematic excellence from August 28 to September 7.

The jury boasts an impressive lineup of directors who will navigate the delicate task of awarding the film industry’s coveted prizes. Among them are James Gray, known for “Ad Astra”, Andrew Haigh with his recent success “All of Us Strangers”, and Agnieszka Holland of “Green Border”. Joining them are Kleber Mendonça Filho of “Bacurau”, Abderrahmane Sissako who directed “Bamako”, the beloved Giuseppe Tornatore of “Cinema Paradiso” fame, and Julia von Heinz, known for “Treasure”. Rounding out the group is the accomplished actress Zhang Ziyi, celebrated for her roles in “Memoirst of a Geisha” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

The rich diversity within the jury reflects a broader ambition of the festival to embrace global cinema perspectives. This approach is aptly enforced under the guidance of Huppert, whose extensive career is marked by collaborations with some of the most innovative directors across various film industries.

Venice artistic director Alberto Barbera praised Huppert for her unyielding artistic spirit and intelligence, noting, “Isabelle Huppert’s role as muse to both esteemed and emerging filmmakers uniquely positions her to lead a jury with an eye for groundbreaking cinema that respects no borders.”

As the festival approaches, anticipation also builds for the announcement of its full program. Enhanced excitement followed the reveal that Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” sequel would open the festival, setting a festive tone for this cinematic celebration.

In addition to the prestigious Golden Lion for Best Film, the jury will also decide the recipients of several significant awards including the Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize, Silver Lion for Best Director, and the Coppa Volpi for both Best Actor and Best Actress. They will also award the Special Jury Prize, Best Screen name, and the Marcello Mastroianni Award for an outstanding young actor or actress, ensuring recognition across a broad spectrum of cinematic achievements.

The festival not only serves as a platform for celebrating the highest caliber of global filmmaking but also acts as a barometer for the artistic direction of the international film industry. With such a unique assembly of jury members this year, the decisions made at this Venetian gathering will likely influence trends and conversations in cinema for the upcoming year.

As Venice prepares to host filmmakers, critics, and cinema enthusiasts from around the world, the 81st edition of the festival is poised to be a pivotal moment in the annual film calendar.