Taco Restaurant Hero Cleared of Charges After Fatally Shooting Robber

Houston, Texas – A grand jury in Houston, Texas has reached a decision regarding a man who fatally shot an armed robber at a taco restaurant. The 46-year-old man, whose viral shooting video gained widespread attention on social media in 2023, will not face any charges. The grand jury declined to charge him after determining that the shooting was a justifiable homicide.

According to Attorney Juan L. Guerra Junior, who represented the man, his client acted in response to a real and imminent danger. The attorney emphasized that the video evidence clearly showed that the shooting was justified. Despite facing criticism and accusations of vigilante behavior, the grand jury’s decision reaffirms that the man’s actions were legally defensible.

The attorney also revealed that his client had been living in fear of retaliation, as community activists called for murder charges against him. However, the grand jury’s ruling provides some measure of relief, as the man can now move forward without the threat of legal consequences.

The incident took place at Ranchito Number 4, where surveillance footage captured the armed robber, identified as Eric Eugene Washington, robbing customers at gunpoint. Seizing the opportunity when Washington’s back was turned, the man drew his own weapon and fired, ultimately stopping the robbery.

Upon realizing that Washington’s gun was fake, the man returned the stolen items and expressed regret over the loss of life. However, under Texas law, the authenticity of a weapon does not alter the legality of self-defense.

Attorney Guerra Junior expressed gratitude for the presence of surveillance cameras in the restaurant, as they provided crucial evidence in support of his client’s case. He believes that without the video footage, the outcome may have been different.

In conclusion, a grand jury in Houston, Texas has cleared a man of any charges in the shooting of an armed robber at a taco restaurant. The decision underscores the right to self-defense and highlights the importance of video evidence in determining legal outcomes.