Dunkin’ Worker Files Lawsuit Against Supervisor for Bipolar Discrimination and Workplace Violations

OCEAN COUNTY, N.J. – A worker at a Dunkin’ store in Ocean County has filed a lawsuit against his supervisor, alleging harassment and discrimination due to his bipolar disorder. The worker, in his 30s, claims that he was mocked by his direct supervisor, Lisa Fresco, after expressing concerns about workplace violations. The lawsuit, filed in Superior Court of Ocean County, states that Fresco made derogatory comments about his disorder, stating, “You must be going bipolar,” when he disagreed with her.

According to court documents, the worker contacted human resources to complain about not receiving quarterly evaluations or pay raises. He also reported discrepancies in his paychecks, indicating that he was being underpaid. In addition, he accused Fresco of training minors to operate the store’s oven, which he believed violated health and safety regulations and federal labor laws.

The lawsuit further claims that the worker’s hours were reduced in retaliation for his complaints, resulting in lost wages and benefits. The plaintiff asserts that he has suffered emotional distress and mental anguish as a result of the hostile work environment created by Fresco’s alleged behavior.

The Dunkin’ store in question is located in Lacey Township’s Celia Cruz Service Area on the Garden State Parkway. It is operated by Applegreen US, along with several other businesses. Neither Fresco nor a spokesperson for the Dunkin’ chain has responded to requests for comment on the lawsuit.

The legal complaint names Fresco, Dunkin’, Applegreen, and upper-level managers as defendants. The worker alleges violations of New Jersey’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act and anti-discrimination laws.

In summary, a Dunkin’ store employee in Ocean County, New Jersey, has filed a lawsuit claiming harassment and discrimination based on his bipolar disorder. The worker alleges that his supervisor mocked him and created a hostile work environment after he reported workplace violations. The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, emotional distress, and violations of state labor laws. Dunkin’ and Applegreen have yet to respond to the allegations. The case is currently pending in Superior Court of Ocean County.