New Laws in Pennsylvania: From Porch Pirates to Medical Marijuana, Here’s What You Need to Know in 2024

PHILADELPHIA, PA – As the weekend approaches, the Philadelphia region prepares for a winter storm. However, the city’s record snow-deprivation streak seems to be safe. In addition to the weather, new laws are set to take effect in Pennsylvania. These changes will impact areas such as SEPTA crime and medical marijuana sales.

One significant change is the introduction of felony charges for porch pirates. With over 3,000 packages stolen annually in Philadelphia, the law aims to deter thieves by increasing penalties for mail theft. Another notable change is the allowance for all medical marijuana growers to sell directly to patients. This new rule, effective from March, aims to level the playing field for smaller independent businesses in the industry.

Moreover, Pennsylvania has repealed its “garb statute,” making it the last state in the U.S. to do so. Under this law, teachers can no longer face penalties for wearing religious garb.

On a different note, the Rosenbach Museum & Library recently discovered that a manuscript from the 16th century was stolen property. Renowned Philadelphia book collector A.S.W. Rosenbach unknowingly acquired the manuscript, which contained groundbreaking history about the origins of theater in the Americas. International investigations were launched after the manuscript’s absence was noticed, and it has since been returned to its rightful place.

In conclusion, as a new year begins, Pennsylvania will see changes in its laws that will impact the daily lives of its residents. Increased penalties for mail theft, expanded opportunities for medical marijuana businesses, and the repeal of the “garb statute” are all significant developments for the state. In addition, the recovery of the stolen manuscript highlights the importance of preserving cultural artifacts and historical records.