China’s New Law Aims to Strengthen Land Rights for Rural Women, Despite Persisting Ambiguities

Beijing, China — A new law set to take effect in May aims to enhance the legal rights of women in rural China, particularly regarding land ownership which has historically been biased towards men. This latest legislative reform seeks to address issues that have previously barred women from inheriting or owning land, a critical asset in agrarian communities. In rural parts of China, land is collectively owned but distributed among families. Traditionally, the head of the household, typically a male, is registered as the owner, disenfranchising women, particularly those who move away to marry. Under … Read more

AME Awards Unveils Elite Jury for Greater China’s Marketing Excellence Celebration

New York — This year marks the 30th anniversary of the AME Awards, celebrating the best in advertising and marketing effectiveness. In recognition of this milestone, the festival’s organizers are introducing the first-ever AMK Greater China Awards Executive Jury. This elite panel, made up of top executives from Chinese agencies and brands, is celebrated for their profound achievements in the field, setting themselves apart with their renowned expertise in highlighting creative campaigns that effectively tackle marketing challenges, inspire action, and deliver measurable outcomes. The executive jury, carefully selected from across Greater China, embodies a wealth … Read more

China’s New State Secrets Law Sparks Concerns for Foreign Businesses Operating in the Country

BEIJING, CHINA – China has passed new rules that will broaden the scope of what can be classified as a state secret, raising concerns about transparency and potential liabilities. The updated state secrets law, set to take effect on May 1, includes a provision that extends precautions for state secrets to also cover unclassified information known as work secrets. The definition of work secrets encompasses information that could have an “adverse impact” if leaked. However, critics argue that the definition is vague and open to abuse, potentially limiting the public’s right to information. Jeremy Daum, … Read more

Landmark Decision: Hong Kong Judge Orders Liquidation of China’s Evergrande

HONG KONG – A judge in Hong Kong has ordered China’s Evergrande Group to liquidate its assets, as the embattled company faces mounting debt and an uncertain future. The ruling comes in response to a winding-up petition filed by a creditor of Evergrande. Evergrande, one of China’s largest property developers, has been grappling with a financial crisis that has sent shockwaves through the country’s real estate sector. The company has accumulated debts of over $300 billion, leading to concerns about its ability to repay creditors and complete ongoing construction projects. The liquidation order issued by … Read more