Washington County Elections Board Faces Lawsuit Over Unrectified Mail-In Vote Errors, Spends Taxpayer Money on Legal Defense

Pittsburgh, PA — In a contentious move, the Washington County Board of Elections has decided to allocate taxpayer money to defend itself against a lawsuit challenging its policy on disqualifying mail-in ballots with flawed return envelopes without offering an opportunity for voters to correct these mistakes. The lawsuit, initiated by the ACLU, has spurred heated debate around voters’ rights and the responsibilities of electoral boards. Earlier in the week, revelations surfaced about the ACLU’s decision to sue the county’s electoral board, escalating concerns about the accessibility and fairness of the voting process. According to sources, … Read more

Oregon Public Records Advocates Defeat Attempt to Create Broad Taxpayer Information Exemption

Portland, Oregon – Public records advocates in Oregon have successfully campaigned against legislation that would have created a new exemption to state transparency laws, potentially limiting access to important taxpayer information. House Bill 4031 contained a provision that sought to prevent local governments from disclosing any taxpayer information they possess. The proposed exemption, which faced strong opposition from advocates, raised concerns about the potential impact on government accountability and transparency. Critics argued that the provision would have created significant barriers for journalists, researchers, and the public in accessing vital information. The victory for public records … Read more

Education Advocates Challenge Unconstitutional Diversion of Taxpayer Funds for Baseball Stadium

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A constitutional challenge has been filed against Senate Bill 1 (SB1) by Strong Public Schools Nevada and other education leaders. SB1, which allocates up to $380 million in taxpayer funds for the construction of a baseball stadium, has been accused of multiple constitutional violations. The primary aim of the challenge is to prevent public funds from being used for what is considered a misguided stadium project. Claiming that SB1 violates five sections of the State Constitution, the group believes that the bill should be invalidated. In a media release, Strong Public … Read more