McDonald’s Parts Ways with Local Partner, Closes All 12 Outlets in Sri Lanka Amidst Conflict

Colombo, Sri Lanka – McDonald’s has terminated its agreement with its local partner in Sri Lanka, resulting in the closure of all 12 outlets in the country, according to an attorney for the U.S. company. Sanath Wijewardane, the attorney, stated that the decision to end the agreement was due to standard issues. While the stores continued to operate for a few days after the cancellation, they have now ceased operations. The local partner, Abans, declined to comment on the termination of the agreement. However, it has been reported by local media that McDonald’s took legal … Read more

Controversial Online Speech Law Threatens Political Satire and Comedy in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka has implemented a new online speech law that some fear could stifle political humor and limit freedom of expression. The law, known as the “Prevention of Terrorism Act,” gives the government the power to prosecute individuals for spreading hate speech and misinformation through social media and other online platforms. The legislation comes at a time when social media has become a major source of political satire and commentary in Sri Lanka. Cartoonists, bloggers, and comedians have utilized these platforms to voice their opinions and critique government policies. However, critics … Read more

Sri Lanka Implements Controversial Online Safety Act, Sparking Protests and Concerns Over Freedom of Speech

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka’s new Online Safety Act, which has recently come into force, is facing backlash from rights groups who argue that it is an attempt to suppress freedom of speech. The act grants extensive powers to a government commission to assess and remove content deemed “prohibited.” Despite claims from authorities that the act is aimed at combating cybercrime, critics contend that it is a means to stifle dissent in the lead-up to elections. In 2022, during a period of economic crisis, social media played a crucial role in protests that ultimately … Read more