NYU Professors Seek Inclusion as Defendants in Lawsuit, Citing Threat to Academic Freedom and First Amendment Rights

New York, NY – Three professors at New York University are seeking to be added as defendants in a recently filed lawsuit that accuses the university of mishandling incidents of antisemitism on campus. The professors believe that the definition of antisemitism being used in the lawsuit could impede academic freedom and violate the First Amendment. By intervening in the case, they hope to address these concerns. The lawsuit, originally brought forward by three Jewish students, did not initially include the professors as defendants, but two of them were later named. One of the professors, Andrew … Read more

Achieving Financial Freedom: Lawyer Shares Surprising Frugal Choice on TikTok

Toronto, Canada – Annie Unbroke, a lawyer and single mother from Canada, recently garnered attention on TikTok for sharing one of her frugal lifestyle choices. Despite her high salary of nearly $200,000, Unbroke revealed that she drives a used 14-year-old vehicle. Her decision to own an older car was motivated by the rapid depreciation of newer vehicles, which often leads to people owing more on their loans than the car’s value. Unbroke emphasized the importance of avoiding such financial pitfalls and encouraged others to consider purchasing reliable used cars with cash. Unbroke’s choice sparked some … Read more

Florence Man Acquitted of Child Rape Charges in Hampshire County Court: Supporters Celebrate His Freedom

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. – A Florence man accused of child rape and related offenses was acquitted on all counts after a week-long trial at Hampshire Superior Court. Scott Duseau, 52, was embraced by his supporters and family members outside the court following the verdict. Duseau had been free on bail and conditions since his arrest in October 2022 on charges of rape and indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. David Mintz, Duseau’s attorney, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating that Duseau’s life had been greatly affected by these charges and that he … Read more

Texas Federal Court Upholds Freedom to Choose: No Policy Against ‘Judge Shopping’

HOUSTON (AP) — A Texas federal court has made a decision not to adopt a policy against ‘judge shopping’. This move has garnered attention and raised questions about the fairness and integrity of the judicial system. Judge shopping, the practice of strategically selecting a judge who is likely to be sympathetic to one’s legal argument, has long been a controversial issue. Critics argue that it allows litigants to manipulate the system, potentially leading to biased outcomes. However, proponents of the practice claim that it simply offers a means for parties to choose the most suitable … Read more