NYU Reaches Landmark Settlement in Antisemitism Lawsuit, Enhances Discrimination Policies and Training

New York — New York University has agreed to a comprehensive settlement in a discrimination lawsuit filed by three Jewish students, marking an aggressive stance against antisemitism on campus. The students had accused the institution of not doing enough to curb hateful sentiments, particularly in light of recent geopolitical conflicts. Filed last month in Manhattan federal court, the lawsuit argued that NYU’s handling of campus antisemitism worsened with the escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict. According to the plaintiffs, this included tolerating hateful rhetoric at rallies and failing to enforce existing policies against discrimination. Bella Ingber, … Read more

Female Athletes Take Legal Action Against NCAA Over Transgender Policies, Seeking Fairness and Accountability

Atlanta, Georgia – A group of 16 female athletes has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA, claiming that the organization’s transgender athlete policies violate Title IX and the 14th Amendment. Among the plaintiffs is Reka Gyorgy, a former swimming champion from Hungary who missed out on a spot at the 2022 NCAA championships due to a transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, taking her place. The lawsuit, organized by the Independent Council on Women’s Sports, has the potential to bring about significant changes in college athletics, as the NCAA sets the rules for its 1,100 member institutions. … Read more

National Association of Realtors Settles Lawsuits, Sparks Major Changes in Real Estate Commission Policies

Jacksonville, Florida – The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is making significant changes to its real estate policies following a series of lawsuits relating to the setting of agent commissions. The NAR recently agreed to pay $418 million in order to assist home sellers. One of the key changes involves the responsibility for paying the buyer’s agent. Under the new policy, the buyer will be required to pay their own agent unless the seller agrees to do so. Another notable rule modification is the prohibition on disclosing the amount of money agents receive for selling … Read more

Sanctuary City Policies Blamed for Tragic Murder of Georgia Nursing Student, Critics Hold Former Mayor and City Council Accountable

ATHENS, Georgia – Critics are blaming sanctuary city policies in New York City for the tragic murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Advocates claim that former Mayor Bill de Blasio and left-wing members of the City Council have “blood on their hands” for pushing these policies. Riley, 22, was found dead on the University of Georgia’s campus on February 22. Her alleged killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, had been arrested in Queens six months prior and charged with endangering a child. However, due to the migrant-friendly changes made to the sanctuary city policy, the … Read more