Cleveland Man Faces Multiple Charges in Major Child Exploitation Sweep, Among 26 Arrested in Operation Sneaky Peach

Cleveland, GA – A local man faces multiple charges related to child exploitation as part of a year-long investigation culminating in a recent statewide operation aimed at curtailing digital sex crimes against children. William Chase Ellis, 33, of Cleveland, was indicted by the White County Grand Jury on eight counts of child sexual exploitation. Ellis was arrested on August 25, 2023, during ‘Operation Sneaky Peach,’ a comprehensive effort by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to crack down on child cybersex crimes in Georgia. He was one of 26 individuals apprehended in the operation, … Read more

Reedley Lab Owner Sues City and FDA, Alleges Rights Violations in Wake of Illegal Operation Crackdown

Reedley, Calif. — A controversy continues to unfold more than a year after government officials unearthed an unauthorized laboratory in Reedley, leading to a complex legal battle. The owner of the lab, David He, also known as Jia Bei Zhu, has initiated a lawsuit against the City of Reedly and the FDA, alleging significant violations of his constitutional rights. This legal action did not catch the city officials off guard. Reedley’s City Manager, Nicole Zieba, commented on the city’s readiness to face these allegations, revealing that He had previously sought a substantial $50 million in … Read more

Criminal Defense Attorney Caught in Sting Operation Attempting to Solicit Prostitute, Ohio Attorney General Announces

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A criminal defense attorney specializing in solicitation cases was recently apprehended in Ohio for attempting to hire a prostitute, announced Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost last week. The attorney, Kenneth Martin, was one of two men caught in a sting operation conducted by the Mahoning Valley Human Trafficking Task Force. Both individuals were allegedly attempting to purchase sex services. According to reports, Martin came across a prostitution ad on a website associated with human trafficking. He agreed to pay $180 to someone he believed was a prostitute and arranged to meet them … Read more

Legal Ethic Dilemma: Renowned Prostitution Defense Lawyer Caught in Undercover Sex Sting Operation

Lisbon, Ohio – A surprising turn of events has unfolded in this quaint town, reminiscent of a legal drama. Kenneth Martin, a 72-year-old criminal defense lawyer specializing in prostitution and solicitation defense, and Coty Salman, a 31-year-old individual from Youngstown, are facing charges after being caught in a sex sting operation. The operation was orchestrated by the Mahoning Valley Human Trafficking Task Force, revealing an ironic twist to Martin’s professional narrative. Attorney General Dave Yost has announced the charges against Martin and Salman, shedding light on the troubling reality that even those who defend the … Read more