Remembering the Remarkable Life and Legacy of Milwaukee Judge Michael Skwierawski

FRANKLIN, Wisconsin – The recent passing of retired Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Skwierawski has left his community in shock. At 82 years old, Skwierawski was known for his active lifestyle and engaged presence in various civic projects. His death, which occurred in his sleep on March 8, has saddened those who were familiar with his relentless energy and commitment to public service. Skwierawski’s impact on the community extended beyond his role as a judge. He played a fundamental role in the establishment of the Polish Center of Wisconsin, an architectural gem overlooking a beautiful … Read more

Remembering the Inspiring Life of Lori Eyer: A Remarkable Legacy in West Springfield

West Springfield, Massachusetts – The community of West Springfield mourns the loss of Lori Eyer, who passed away in 2024 at the age of 57. Eyer was a beloved figure in the town, known for her kind-hearted nature and contributions to the community. Her life was dedicated to service and making a positive impact on others. Born in 1967, Eyer grew up in West Springfield and forged deep roots in the town. She was actively involved in various local organizations and initiatives throughout her life. Eyer’s involvement ranged from volunteering at the local food pantry … Read more

Fondly Remembering the Chico Icon: Honoring the Legacy of Former Judge Ann H. Rutherford

CHICO, California – The community of Chico mourns the loss of former Butte County Judge, the Honorable Ann H. Rutherford. Judge Rutherford was an iconic figure in the city of Chico, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by many. One Chico resident, Steve Metzger, remembered his encounter with Judge Rutherford years ago when he contested a parking ticket in her court. Metzger vividly recalled the humorous exchange that took place. In a previous case, a man had been cited for running a stoplight, but he vehemently denied doing so. Judge Rutherford had a … Read more

In Memoriam: Remembering Richard “Dick” K. DeScherer – A Respected Business Lawyer, Colleague, and Philanthropist

New York, NY – The legal community mourns the loss of Richard “Dick” K. DeScherer, a former partner and Co-Chairman at Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP. DeScherer, who passed away at the age of 80, was highly regarded for his expertise in business law and his strong relationships with clients. He had been a member of the esteemed law firm for over 24 years before joining the Bloomberg organization in 2012. Known for his unparalleled knowledge and experience, DeScherer held leadership and board positions at various prominent organizations. He was actively engaged in civic and … Read more