Young Thug’s Lawyer Challenges Use of Rap Videos as Evidence in YSL RICO Case

ATLANTA, Georgia – In an effort to have the YSL RICO case dismissed, Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, has filed a memorandum of law. This move comes as a recent murder conviction in another Georgia case involving hip hop music raises questions about the use of rap videos as evidence in court. The murder conviction of Morgan Cardelle Baker was overturned after Georgia’s highest court ruled that a rap music video should not have been played for the jurors. The video in question, “Ghetto Angels” by NoCap, showed Baker waving a gun. Taking note of … Read more

High-profile Mass Tort Law Firm Watts Guerra Reshapes Future, Leaving Puerto Rico Office and Laying Off 50 Employees

San Juan, Puerto Rico – High-profile mass tort law firm Watts Guerra, led by attorney Mikal Watts, is closing its Puerto Rico office and laying off dozens of employees, according to internal emails obtained by Bloomberg Law. Watts, known for spearheading high-stakes litigation against corporations, recently stated that he was “restructuring” the firm but had no intention of leaving. However, emails shared with Bloomberg Law reveal that Watts sent an email to all employees on January 7, announcing his resignation from the firm due to health reasons. He informed Bloomberg Law that he plans to … Read more

Save the Date: Mass Torts Puerto Rico 2024 Conference Announces Dates for Annual Event

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The Mass Torts Puerto Rico 2024 Conference has been announced by Paul Napoli, Partner at Napoli Shkolnik. The event, organized by The Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico, will be held from April 30th to May 2nd, 2024. This marks the third annual mass torts event since its launch in 2021. The Mass Torts conference aims to provide a platform for attorneys to come together and engage in substantive programming. Over the course of two days, participants can expect concise seminars on emerging and active torts, as well as discussions on … Read more

Federal Judge Rejects Special Prosecutor’s Attempt to Uncover Trump’s Legal Strategy in RICO Case

TAMPA, Fla. – A federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump has rejected special prosecutor Jack Smith’s attempt to compel Trump to disclose part of his legal strategy in the ongoing investigation. U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon denied Smith’s motion, which sought to force Trump to reveal whether he intends to use an “advice-of-counsel” defense against allegations of improper retention and storage of classified documents. In his November motion, Smith argued that Trump had indicated his intention to claim he was following legal advice when he retained the documents. Smith cited public statements by … Read more