Young Thug’s Lawyer Challenges Use of Rap Videos as Evidence in YSL RICO Case

ATLANTA, Georgia – In an effort to have the YSL RICO case dismissed, Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, has filed a memorandum of law. This move comes as a recent murder conviction in another Georgia case involving hip hop music raises questions about the use of rap videos as evidence in court. The murder conviction of Morgan Cardelle Baker was overturned after Georgia’s highest court ruled that a rap music video should not have been played for the jurors. The video in question, “Ghetto Angels” by NoCap, showed Baker waving a gun. Taking note of … Read more

Social Media Abuzz as YSL Defense Attorney Arrested on Gang Charges, Shocking Instagram Photos Surface

Los Angeles, California – Social media users are buzzing about defense attorney Nicole Fegan, known for representing defendants in the YSL Rico gang trial, after she was arrested on gang-related charges. The arrest sparked a frenzy of comments on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), with users expressing their astonishment at Fegan’s behavior on her Instagram page. Fegan’s Instagram account featured various photos of her flaunting large sums of cash and wielding multiple firearms. One user even posted a screenshot of Fegan pointing a gun at the camera, sarcastically suggesting that anyone following her account might … Read more

Defense Attorney Struggles with Low Trial Wages, Considers Withdrawing from YSL Case

Atlanta, Georgia – A year-long trial has left attorneys appointed to the case struggling financially and considering withdrawal. The trial involves Rodalius Ryan, who is already serving a life sentence for an unrelated murder case. Defense attorney, D’Williams, expressed frustration, saying, “Nobody wants to hire an attorney who’s been in trial for a year.” The trial is currently on a break until Tuesday. Last year, the appointed attorneys sought additional pay from the Georgia Public Defender Council (GPDC) due to the low wages they were receiving, which amounted to $15,000 for the duration of the … Read more