Boeing Loses Major Lawsuit, Ordered to Pay $90 Million for Stealing Trade Secrets from Aerospace Startup

SEATTLE — In a landmark case highlighting the competitive tensions in the aerospace sector, a Seattle-based federal jury has ruled that Boeing misappropriated trade secrets from Zunum Aero, Inc., a once-promising Redmond-based startup focused on developing hybrid-electric aircraft. The verdict, delivered earlier this week, could lead to a staggering $250 million in damages against the aerospace giant if the presiding judge decides to triple the awarded sum due to the malicious nature of the act. Zunum Aero, founded by MIT graduates, brought forth claims in 2020 alleging that Boeing feigned interest in investing in their … Read more

Apple and Chip Startup Rivos Settling Trade Secrets Lawsuit

San Jose, California – Apple has reached a settlement with chip startup Rivos, ending a two-year legal battle over stolen trade secrets. Both parties informed a judge on Friday that they are working towards finalizing the settlement by March 15. Apple had filed a lawsuit against Rivos in May 2022, accusing the “stealth-mode” startup of luring away engineers who had access to confidential company information. The lawsuit claimed that former employees stole Apple’s System-on-a-Chip specifications and design files at Rivos’ request during the recruitment process. In response, Rivos countersued Apple in September 2023, claiming that … Read more