Upcoming Week in Humboldt County: Key Meetings Address Property Deals, Zoning Changes, and Community Projects

Eureka, Calif. — Local government bodies in Humboldt County are set to convene in the coming week, addressing various issues from zoning laws to property negotiations that could shape the future landscape of the community. Among these meetings, the Arcata Fire District Board will discuss property negotiations that may affect local resources, while the Eureka Planning Commission is set to consider changes to building uses that could impact the city’s development. In Arcata, the Fire District Board of Directors plans to meet at the Arcata Station classroom to deliberate on pressing issues including travel and … Read more

Cannes Critics’ Week Announces Diverse and Esteemed Jury for 63rd Edition

Cannes, France – The jury members for the upcoming 63rd edition of Cannes Critics’ Week have been announced. Joining previously announced jury president Rodrigo Sorogoyen are Rwandan actress Eliane Umuhire, French producer Sylvie Pialat, Belgian cinematographer Virginie Surdej, and Canadian film critic and journalist Ben Croll. Cannes Critics’ Week, overseen by the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics, focuses on first and second features as well as shorts by emerging talents. Sorogoyen and his jury will be responsible for deciding the winners of several awards, including the Semaine de la Critique Grand Prize for best feature … Read more

Acclaimed Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen to Lead Cannes Critics’ Week Jury, Continuing Legacy of Uncovering Emerging Talent

Cannes, France – Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen has been chosen as the jury president for this year’s Cannes Critics’ Week, an esteemed festival sidebar that showcases the first and second features of up-and-coming directors. Sorogoyen, known for his acclaimed films such as “Stockholm,” “The Realm,” “Madre,” and “The Beasts,” was previously nominated for the best international film honor at Italy’s David Di Donatello Awards. Expressing his gratitude and acknowledging the responsibility that comes with the role, Sorogoyen shared a video on social media to announce his selection as jury president. The Cannes Critics’ Week, established … Read more

Rodrigo Sorogoyen to Lead Jury at Cannes Critics’ Week, Celebrating Emerging Filmmakers

Cannes, France – Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen, known for his critically acclaimed films such as “Stockholm” and “The Realm,” has been announced as the jury president for this year’s Cannes Critics’ Week. The festival sidebar, organized by the French film critics’ union, focuses on the debut and sophomore works of emerging directors. Sorogoyen expressed his gratitude for being selected and acknowledged the great responsibility that comes with the role. Critics’ Week, established by a group of French film critics in 1962, holds the distinction of being the oldest non-official sidebar at the Cannes Film Festival. … Read more