Acclaimed Films Take Home Top Honors at Hong Kong International Film Festival Awards

Hong Kong, China – “Snow in Midsummer” emerged victorious as the best film for young cinema competition (Chinese-language) at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. The film delves into the 1969 massacre of Malaysian Chinese during political unrest following an election. Liang Ming clinched the Best Director award for “Carefree Days,” while Lyu Xingchen, the female lead in the film, was honored with the Best Actress award. The accolade for Best Actor went to Jason King for his performance in “A Journey in Spring.” In the non-Chinese film category, “Sons” by Gustav Moeller was declared … Read more

Acclaimed Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen to Lead Cannes Critics’ Week Jury, Continuing Legacy of Uncovering Emerging Talent

Cannes, France – Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen has been chosen as the jury president for this year’s Cannes Critics’ Week, an esteemed festival sidebar that showcases the first and second features of up-and-coming directors. Sorogoyen, known for his acclaimed films such as “Stockholm,” “The Realm,” “Madre,” and “The Beasts,” was previously nominated for the best international film honor at Italy’s David Di Donatello Awards. Expressing his gratitude and acknowledging the responsibility that comes with the role, Sorogoyen shared a video on social media to announce his selection as jury president. The Cannes Critics’ Week, established … Read more

Tata Steel Recognized with Acclaimed TAAP Jury Award for Remarkable Affirmative Action Endeavors

Jamshedpur, India – Tata Steel has been awarded the prestigious TAAP Jury Award for its commendable efforts in promoting affirmative action. The company has been actively implementing initiatives to encourage equal opportunities and inclusivity in its workforce. This recognition highlights Tata Steel’s commitment to social responsibility and creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Affirmative action refers to policies and programs that aim to provide equal opportunities for historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. In India, affirmative action policies are implemented to address centuries of social and economic disparities based on caste and gender. Tata Steel’s … Read more

Acclaimed Film ‘Dìdi’ to Hit Theaters This Summer: A Coming-of-Age Story Filled with Skateboarding, Flirting, and Unconditional Love

Los Angeles, CA – Focus Features is set to release its acquisition from the Sundance Film Festival, “Dìdi,” on July 26. The film, directed by Oscar nominee Sean Wang, premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival and garnered critical acclaim, winning multiple awards. “Dìdi” tells the story of a 13-year-old Taiwanese-American boy in the last month of summer in 2008, just before he starts high school. Through the eyes of this young protagonist, the film explores themes of skateboarding, first love, and the complex relationship with his mother. Wang, who also wrote the screenplay, draws … Read more