Taylor Swift’s Lawyers Send Cease and Desist Letter to College Student Tracking Her Private Jet, Citing Safety Concerns

Los Angeles, California – Taylor Swift’s legal team has sent a cease and desist letter to a college student who uses public flight data to track private jet usage. The letter suggests that the student’s social media accounts are aiding Swift’s stalkers and threatening her safety. This recent development comes after the same student, Jack Sweeney, faced a suspension from X for his jet tracking account that rankled Elon Musk. Swift’s lawyers from the law firm Venable also cited safety concerns in a letter they sent to Sweeney in December.

In response to the cease and desist letter, Sweeney’s lawyer, James Slater, claimed that Swift’s team did not identify any actual legal claims against Sweeney and argued that his client’s account engages in protected speech and does not violate any of Swift’s legal rights.

Swift’s spokeswoman, Tree Paine, issued a rare on-the-record statement addressing the alleged connection between Swift’s stalkers and the information made available on Sweeney’s jet tracking account. Paine stated that “the timing of stalkers suggests a connection” and that Sweeney’s posts reveal when and where Swift would be.

Sweeney defends his work, arguing that the information he shares is indistinguishable from other publicly available data, such as Swift’s tour itinerary. However, Swift’s team insists that there is no legitimate interest or public need for this information other than to stalk and harass her.

The controversy surrounding Swift’s private jet usage has been ongoing for years. In 2022, the sustainability marketing firm Yard ranked celebrities’ private jets based on public flight data and carbon emissions. Swift ranked at the top of the list, although her spokesperson pointed out that her jet is often loaned out to others and attributed most or all of the trips to her is incorrect.

Before her most recent tour, Swift reportedly purchased double the amount of carbon credits to offset the climate impact of her travel. However, there are doubts regarding the effectiveness of carbon offsets in combating climate change.

Overall, Swift’s legal team’s actions against the college student and the ongoing criticisms of her private jet usage showcase the ongoing debate surrounding privacy, safety concerns, and environmental responsibility for celebrities.