Unintended Consequences: Tracking Down Mothers in Safe Haven Baby Box Controversy Raises Concerns

(ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico) – Safe Haven baby boxes, designed for mothers to anonymously leave their newborns at fire stations or emergency facilities, may not be as effective as intended. In New Mexico, officials have interpreted the law to mean that they must track down these mothers, confirm their safety, and inquire about their willingness to care for the baby or if any relatives are interested. This process raises concerns about privacy and the best interests of the child. Monica Kelsey, founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, expressed her disbelief at the situation. She questioned why … Read more

Minneapolis Start-up’s Car Tracking Tags Provide Solution for Stolen Vehicles as Owners of Certain KIA and Hyundai Models Can Reap Benefits

Minneapolis, MN – TC Nighthawks, a startup in Minneapolis, has seen a surge in inquiries following a $200 million settlement against KIA and Hyundai. The settlement allows owners of certain models of these vehicles to purchase GPS-equipped car-tracking tags and be reimbursed for the expense. TC Nighthawks, which debuted the tags last year to assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles, is anticipating increased sales as a result. Notices regarding the settlement and the process for reclaiming out-of-pocket expenses related to thefts and attempted thefts will be sent out this week via mail and email. … Read more

Student Defends Tracking & Sharing Taylor Swift’s private jet usage as Service to Fans Amid Lawsuit Threat

East Rutherford, New Jersey – Taylor Swift has threatened a student with a lawsuit after he tracked and published details of her private jet usage. Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida, runs social media accounts that track and log the flights of politicians and celebrities. Swift’s legal team claims that his accounts aid stalkers and pose a safety threat to the singer. Sweeney argues that there is legitimate public interest in his posts. Sweeney’s tracking accounts gained popularity in 2022 during the Russia-Ukraine conflict when he monitored the private jets of … Read more

Taylor Swift’s Lawyers Send Cease and Desist Letter to College Student Tracking Her Private Jet, Citing Safety Concerns

Los Angeles, California – Taylor Swift’s legal team has sent a cease and desist letter to a college student who uses public flight data to track private jet usage. The letter suggests that the student’s social media accounts are aiding Swift’s stalkers and threatening her safety. This recent development comes after the same student, Jack Sweeney, faced a suspension from X for his jet tracking account that rankled Elon Musk. Swift’s lawyers from the law firm Venable also cited safety concerns in a letter they sent to Sweeney in December. In response to the cease … Read more