Texas Judge Overturns Centuries-Old Ban on Home Distilling, Citing Constitutional Rights

FORT WORTH, Texas — In a landmark ruling, a Texas federal judge has deemed the 1868 federal ban on at-home distilling unconstitutional, marking a significant win for advocates of home-based spirit production. The decision, issued on Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman, not only struck down a longstanding prohibition but also emphasized the constitutional limits of governmental authority over individual liberties. The plaintiff in the case, the Hobby Distillers Association, represented by lawyers from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, argued that the ban overstepped Congress’s taxing powers and infringed upon the Commerce Clause of … Read more

Oakland’s Unhoused Group Sues City Over Forced Clearance, Citing Discrimination and Health Concerns Amid Shelter Promises

Oakland, Calif.—A group of unhoused residents in Oakland has initiated a legal challenge against the city, following an abrupt eviction order from their current living spaces. The lawsuit brings to light the struggles of a six-person group, each grappling with significant health issues, who claim the city’s actions are discriminatory. Robbie Simpson, one of the group members, emphasized the necessity of a safe environment, especially considering his own health condition and his responsibility toward his father, who suffers from dementia. Simpson shed light on the solidarity within the community, stating that members often assist each … Read more

Sierra Club Files Lawsuit Against Lakeside Housing Development Citing High Fire Risk and Environmental Concerns

San Diego, CA — A local environmental advocacy group has voiced strong opposition to a proposed housing development in San Diego County, criticizing its location in a high-risk fire zone and its lack of proximity to public transit. The Sierra Club’s San Diego chapter filed a lawsuit last week challenging the county’s approval of the Greenhills Ranch project, arguing that the development poses significant environmental and safety risks. The development, planned for a rural part of East County, would consist of 63 single-family homes spread across 36 acres, an area currently covered by native chaparral … Read more

Jury Deliberates as Man Self-Represents in Arizona Church Arson Trial, Citing Biblical Defense and Unfair Treatment

TUCSON, Ariz. — The trial of Eric Ridenour, who stands accused of arson targeting two local churches, has reached a critical juncture as jurors commenced deliberations after days of dramatic courtroom testimonies and fervent closing arguments. Ridenour, representing himself in court, faced allegations of setting ablaze St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church in Douglas last year. Prosecutors aimed to cement his guilt with video evidence and eyewitness testimonials which suggested his presence at the crime scenes. Authorities recounted the sequence of events where surveillance footage purportedly captured a blue Pontiac Aztec, consistent with … Read more