Texas Tech’s Pop Isaacs Shines On Court Despite Off-Court Controversy

Austin, Texas – Texas Tech’s Pop Isaacs led the Red Raiders to a 78-67 victory over Texas in their Big 12 opener on Saturday night, despite the controversy surrounding him. Isaacs scored 21 points and faced constant boos from Texas fans, responding with a shushing gesture after a 3-pointer. This win comes a day after Isaacs was named in a lawsuit alleging sexual assault of a minor.

Despite the allegations, Texas Tech officials have stated that Isaacs remains in “good standing” and will continue playing. The civil lawsuit accuses Isaacs of assaulting a 17-year-old girl during the team’s trip to the Bahamas in November. While the age of consent in the Bahamas is 16, the lawsuit claims the girl was intoxicated and unable to give consent.

In response to the allegations, Texas Tech is conducting its own investigation through its Title IX office. Coach Grant McCasland declined to comment further on the decision to allow Isaacs to play, stating that the university’s statement speaks for itself.

Although Isaacs was not present at the postgame news conference, his teammate Warren Washington emphasized that the team remained focused on the game amidst the news of the lawsuit. Washington stressed the unity of the team and their commitment to their goal of winning.

The game itself saw Texas Tech leading 69-63 before Isaacs’ crucial contributions, including a driving layup and another score that sealed the victory. As the clock wound down, Red Raiders fans chanted “Raider Power” in what may be their last opportunity to do so on Texas’ home court.

The loss leaves Texas with an 11-3 record overall and 0-1 in the Big 12. Tyrese Hunter led the Longhorns with 20 points and acknowledged the competitiveness of the conference, stating the team needs to continue fighting and focusing on their defense.

Texas Tech improves to 12-2 overall and 1-0 in the Big 12 as they pursue their goal of winning the conference championship. Isaacs’ performance on the court amid the controversy showcases the team’s determination to succeed.

In summary, despite facing allegations of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit, Pop Isaacs led Texas Tech to victory over Texas in their Big 12 opener. The university is conducting its own investigation into the incident, while Isaacs remains in “good standing” and able to continue playing. With this win, the Red Raiders demonstrate their commitment to their goal of winning the conference championship.