Third Person Charged in Crystal Rogers Disappearance Seeks Bond Reduction amidst Promised Immunity Documents

NELSON COUNTY, Ky. – A third person is set to appear in court on Thursday in connection to the disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Steve Lawson will seek a reduction in his $500,000 bond, with a judge scheduled to consider the request during a 2:30 p.m. hearing.

According to Lawson’s attorneys, he maintains his innocence and possesses documentation proving he was promised immunity for his cooperation. They argue that since 2015, he has been a “person of interest” and a “target of the Commonwealth,” emphasizing that he poses no flight risk as he has consistently appeared before grand juries and cooperated fully with authorities.

Lawson’s lawyers have requested a $20,000 cash bond or a $40,000 real estate bond, despite their client’s inability to afford either option. Their rationale is that such bonds would serve as an incentive for Lawson to actively participate in the legal proceedings.

Prosecutor Shane Young, however, contends that the $500,000 bond is justified based on evidence, including admissions made by Lawson. Young argues that the bond amount is appropriate and not oppressive given the nature of the crime.

Both Lawson and his son Joseph are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The case revolves around the disappearance of Crystal Rogers in July 2015 in Bardstown, Kentucky. Rogers’ body has yet to be found, and her former boyfriend, Brooks Houck, was charged with her murder last year.

Joseph Lawson and Houck have also sought lower bonds. The request made by Houck was denied, while Joseph is expected to appear in court on Friday. Following a brief 20-minute hearing, Lawson left the courtroom, escorted by authorities. The judge declared that a decision on the bond reduction motion would be made within the next five days.

In summary, Steve Lawson, the third individual facing charges connected to Crystal Rogers’ disappearance, has requested a reduction in his $500,000 bond. His attorneys argue that he is not involved in the case and possess documents supporting his claim of promised immunity. Prosecutor Shane Young maintains that the bond amount reflects the seriousness of the evidence against Lawson. Alongside Lawson, his son Joseph and Rogers’ former boyfriend, Brooks Houck, are also facing charges in the case. Rogers vanished in Bardstown in 2015, and her body remains missing.