Clark County School District’s Motion for Immunity in Cyberattack Class Action Lawsuit Under Consideration by Judge

LAS VEGAS, NV – A judge in Clark County is leaning toward granting the motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed against the Clark County School District (CCSD) in response to a cyberattack in 2023 that leaked students’ data. However, the judge wants both sides to prepare arguments regarding the district’s potential immunity. CCSD initially informed families about the breach on October 16, after discovering the issue around October 5. The lawsuit, filed on October 31, alleges that the breach led to the exposure of highly sensitive information belonging to teachers, students, graduates, and … Read more

Trump Denied Presidential Immunity in Hush Money Trial: Case to Proceed on April 15th

New York: Former President Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity has been denied by Justice Juan Merchan in his criminal hush-money trial. The judge ruled that Trump had multiple opportunities to raise the claim of presidential immunity before he did, effectively shutting down his argument. The judge stated that since he was denying the motion on this basis, he did not need to address whether presidential immunity would prevent the introduction of evidence of official presidential acts in a criminal proceeding. Trump’s trial is still scheduled to begin on April 15th. Meanwhile, Special counsel Jack … Read more

Alabama Lawmakers Near Approval of Immunity Legislation to Restart In Vitro Fertilization Services

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Lawmakers in Alabama are moving closer to passing legislation that would grant immunity to in vitro fertilization (IVF) providers, responding to public pressure following a court ruling that categorized frozen embryos as children. The proposed law aims to shield providers from lawsuits and criminal prosecution if an embryo is damaged or dies during IVF services. The legislation will be debated in committees in both the Alabama House of Representatives and the Alabama Senate on Tuesday. Republican Senator Tim Melson, the sponsor of the Senate bill, hopes to secure approval and present the … Read more

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Strikes Back Against Trump Lawyer’s Immunity Claim: Unveils Startling New Evidence

Washington, D.C. – CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins defended herself against President Trump’s lawyer during a recent exchange concerning claims of immunity. The heated back-and-forth occurred on Wednesday, shedding light on the ongoing legal battles surrounding the Trump administration. Following a televised interview with Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, Collins challenged his assertion that multiple individuals in the campaign had been offered legal immunity. Pushing back against Giuliani’s claim, Collins insisted that her extensive sources within the White House had not confirmed such occurrences. The confrontation took place during an airing of CNN’s “The Situation Room with … Read more