Trump Hit With $83.3 Million Defamation Award Amidst Ongoing Legal Battles

New York City – A Manhattan jury awarded Elizabeth Jean Carroll $83.3 million in a defamation case against former President Donald J. Trump. This decision comes less than a year after another civil jury found that Trump had sexually assaulted Carroll 30 years ago. The previous verdict also included a $5 million award for defamation, which Trump has appealed.

Carroll’s most recent victory pertains to defamatory statements made by Trump in 2019, when Carroll first revealed the assault in her memoir, as well as statements made after the 2023 decision. The focus of this trial was the amount of damages Carroll would receive for the harm inflicted on her reputation by Trump’s statements. The sexual assault itself was legally established and could not be re-argued.

In addition to the Carroll case, Trump and his team are awaiting the outcome of a civil fraud trial initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is seeking a $370 million penalty against the former president. Furthermore, Trump faces 91 felony charges across four criminal indictments.

While some may wonder if this large award will deter Trump from further attacks, it is unlikely to silence him completely. Trump’s brand is built on dominance and toxic masculinity, and he frequently resorts to misogynistic comments and slurs. The continued demonization of women serves his political narrative and appeals to his base. Therefore, it is unlikely that any amount of money will entirely prevent him from engaging in such behavior.

Carroll celebrated the ruling as a victory for all women who refuse to be silenced and a defeat for bullies who try to suppress them. However, given Trump’s history and his reliance on masculinity as a campaign tool, it is doubtful that this verdict will prompt a significant change in his behavior.

This case highlights the broader issue of misogyny in politics and the challenges women face in breaking through the barriers imposed by toxic masculinity. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of Trump’s brand in attacking political opponents, as evidenced by his successful emasculation of former presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

As Trump sets his sights on new targets, the $83.3 million awarded to Carroll will likely only temporarily pause his attacks. The question remains as to who will be the next victim and how they will fare against the power of Trump’s continued misogynistic rhetoric and branding.