Giuliani to Appeal Judgment After Bankruptcy Case Dismissal Amid Ongoing Legal Challenges and Financial Discrepancies

New York — Following a recent legal defeat, Rudy Giuliani, once a key figure in President Donald Trump’s legal team, is emerging from bankruptcy and reportedly plans to appeal a significant court judgment. His attorney, Heath Berger, confirmed the intended appeal after a judge highlighted Giuliani’s neglect of financial transparency and reporting obligations. Giuliani’s bankruptcy dismissal surfaces amid accusations from his creditors of lavish spending even after filing for bankruptcy. This includes paying salaries to his girlfriend, Maria Ryan, and her daughter, while also failing to report additional business-related incomes. The former New York City … Read more

DC Families Demand Better School Bus Services for Disabled Students Amid Ongoing Legal Battle

WASHINGTON — Parents and advocacy groups in Washington D.C. are embroiled in a legal battle against the city’s education officials, demanding improved transportation services for students with disabilities. The lawsuit, spearheaded by the Children’s Law Center, and heard on Thursday, argues that the existing services fall short, causing undue hardship for affected families. At the core of this lawsuit is the allegation that the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) has consistently failed to offer adequate transport to and from school for children with special needs. This inadequacy has resulted in missed educational … Read more

Justice Department Supports Alabama Prisoners’ Claims of Unconstitutional Violence in Ongoing Legal Battle

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Increased scrutiny surrounds Alabama’s correctional system as the U.S. Department of Justice opposed the state’s motion for summary judgment in an ongoing legal dispute over alleged unconstitutional violence in state prisons. Federal authorities argue there are substantial claims of systematic abuse that warrant a trial. Prisoners at the St. Clair Correctional Facility initiated a lawsuit in 2014, claiming they were victims of relentless violence and excessive force by guards. The facility, a maximum-security prison, currently confines about 1,000 male inmates. The allegations extend to cover not only staff misconduct but also rampant … Read more

Idaho Lawyer Known as ‘Christmas Lawyer’ Eyes Supreme Court Appeal in Ongoing Religious Discrimination Dispute Over Elaborate Holiday Display

Hayden, Idaho — A local attorney, known locally as the ‘Christmas lawyer’ for his extravagant holiday light displays, may find his ongoing legal dispute reaching the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. The case, which has stirred significant attention, centers around Jeremy Morris and his homeowners’ association (HOA) in Hayden, a small community just east of Spokane, Washington. Morris first drew national attention in 2015 after he showcased a Christmas display involving over 200,000 lights, live music, a nativity scene with a camel, and events benefiting children’s charities. This spectacle did not sit well with … Read more