Victim’s Mother Calls for Action on Juvenile Law Reform in Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland – As the 2024 Maryland legislative session gears up to begin this week, the focus is turning to the need for juvenile law reform. This comes in the wake of the devastating Brooklyn Day mass shooting that took place last year, which many consider to be the city’s largest mass shooting in history.

One of the victims of the Brooklyn Day shooting was 18-year-old Aaliyah Gonzalez, whose mother, Krystal Gonzalez, has been a vocal advocate for change. Krystal believes that the current juvenile laws are inadequate and in need of serious revision. She disagrees with DJS Secretary Vincent Schiraldi’s assertion that a child’s mind is not fully developed until the age of 25, arguing that teenagers are fully aware of their actions and the consequences they entail.

Krystal Gonzalez’s outspoken stance has sparked a broader conversation about the treatment of young offenders and the effectiveness of the current juvenile justice system. She asserts that violent offenders should be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their age. Gonzalez’s belief is that if a teenager commits a violent act, they should be tried as adults.

The lack of charges filed specifically for Aaliyah’s murder in the Brooklyn Day mass shooting further highlights the need for reform. Krystal Gonzalez sees her daughter’s tragic death as a catalyst for exposing the flaws within the current systems in place. By advocating for change, she hopes to prevent future tragedies and ensure that those responsible for violent crimes are brought to justice.

The start of the 2024 Maryland legislative session provides an opportunity for lawmakers to address the concerns raised by Krystal Gonzalez and others who share her perspective. The debate surrounding juvenile law reform is likely to be a focal point, as legislators grapple with finding a balance between holding young offenders accountable and offering them opportunities for rehabilitation.

In summary, as the 2024 Maryland legislative session gets underway, the issue of juvenile law reform takes center stage. Aaliyah Gonzalez’s mother, Krystal Gonzalez, is championing for change in the wake of the Brooklyn Day mass shooting. With the aim of increasing accountability for young offenders, Gonzalez’s advocacy highlights the importance of revisiting current policies and ensuring justice for victims. The upcoming session presents an opportunity for Maryland lawmakers to address these concerns and work towards a more effective and equitable juvenile justice system.