Minnesota Legislature Takes Action to Reform Property Forfeiture Laws in Response to Supreme Court Ruling

St. Paul, Minnesota – The Minnesota Legislature is poised to pass new property forfeiture laws in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that declared the state’s current system unconstitutional. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in the case of Tyler v. Hennepin County found that the county violated a woman’s constitutional rights by selling her forfeited property for more than the amount she owed in taxes and keeping the surplus. Earlier this year, the state agreed to pay a settlement of $109 million to resolve class action lawsuits filed on behalf of Minnesotans … Read more

Proposed Bill Seeks to Protect Law Enforcement at State Universities and Reform Officer Misconduct Investigations

DES MOINES, Iowa — Law enforcement protections at state universities in Iowa could see significant changes if a newly passed bill becomes law. The bill, known as House Study Bill 738, aims to prevent state universities from implementing policies that restrict police from enforcing local, state, or municipal laws. It also proposes that the attorney general investigate complaints against universities for potential violations. Under the bill, state universities found by civil court to have intentionally discouraged or barred law enforcement from enforcing laws would be denied state funds for the fiscal year in which the … Read more

Challenging the Power: Urgent Call for Public Health Law Reform to Protect Citizens from Governor’s Potential Misuse

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Public health laws in the state need urgent reform to prevent further abuses of power by the governor. These laws are at the center of a heated debate over individual freedoms, government authority, and the health and safety of the population. While public health measures play a crucial role in safeguarding communities, the potential for abuse of power cannot be ignored. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, governors across the country have been granted broad authority to enact emergency health measures. These measures have included restrictions on businesses, limitations on gatherings, and mask … Read more

Louisiana Legislature Passes Suite of Punitive Changes, Reignites Debate on Criminal Justice Reform

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Once known as the “prison capital of the world,” Louisiana had managed to shed that dubious title through criminal justice reforms in 2017. However, the state is now poised to regain that reputation as lawmakers recently passed a suite of punitive changes. These new laws, which are set to be signed by Gov. Jeff Landry, will eliminate the possibility of parole for most new convictions and increase the length of time individuals must serve before being released for good behavior. Additionally, these changes will limit the tools available to local prosecutors … Read more