Soho Real Estate Investor Allegedly Beats and Strangles Model Fiancée After Spurned Advances: Lawsuit

New York City – A model from Soho has filed a lawsuit against her real estate investor fiancé, accusing him of assaulting and strangling her when she rejected his advances. In the lawsuit, Marissa Liu alleged that Jon Yi, a 6-foot, 180-pound man, attacked her while she was sleeping in their home. Liu claimed that Yi sexually assaulted her, beat her, smashed her head into the floor, put her in a headlock, strangled her, and restrained her arm. Following the incident, Yi allegedly locked Liu out of their home.

According to Liu, this was not the first time Yi had displayed unstable behavior. She said that Yi had previously totaled a Range Rover and a Lamborghini and had attacked a tour guide during a trip to China. Yi was arrested on charges of assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, harassment, and criminal mischief for his attack on Liu. In October, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was required to undergo a violence prevention program. Liu was given a limited order of protection.

Yi’s lawyer, Alan Sash, denied the allegations and pointed out that a previous lawsuit filed against Yi by Liu had been dismissed. Liu’s lawyer, Bruce Bronster, expressed confidence in her case, describing the circumstances as “heart wrenching and terrifying.”

Marissa Liu, who has worked as a model for alcohol and shoe companies, said she looks forward to presenting the truth in court. The lawsuit brings attention to the issue of domestic violence and the alleged abuser’s remarks, in which he chillingly stated, “I would have fun killing and would be quite good at it.”

The case highlights the importance of addressing domestic violence and holding abusers accountable for their actions. It serves as a reminder that anyone can be a victim, regardless of their occupation or background. As the legal proceedings unfold, Liu seeks justice and hopes to raise awareness about the serious consequences of domestic violence.