Allegations of Excessive Defects at Boeing 737 Max Supplier Spark Further Scrutiny

WICHITA, Kan. – Court documents have revealed allegations of quality control issues at Spirit AeroSystems, a key supplier for Boeing’s 737 Max planes. A former quality-control inspector reported finding a high number of defects at a Kansas plant. The allegations come in the wake of a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9, where the fuselage suffered a blowout mid-flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all Max 9 jets with similar door plugs after the incident and has launched an investigation into Boeing. Spirit AeroSystems, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of airplane parts, including fuselages and wings, has faced financial challenges in recent years. The company’s stock value has plummeted, and it reported a net loss of $691.6 million in the first three quarters of 2023. The ongoing lawsuit by shareholders accuses Spirit’s leaders of mismanaging the company and misleading investors about its safety and defect-free manufacturing. The lawsuit specifically refers to issues with a misdrilled hole on the 737 Max planes’ aft pressure bulkhead, which was concealed from investors until independent reporting revealed the problem. The shareholders are seeking compensatory damages. The NTSB investigation into the recent blowout incident on the Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 involves Spirit AeroSystems as a party to provide technical information and expertise. Full answers regarding the cause of the incident are expected to take several months to determine.