Boeing Ordered to Pay $72 Million for Misusing Startup’s Electric Jet Secrets

WASHINGTON — A federal jury in Washington has ruled that aerospace giant Boeing Co. must pay $72 million to Zunum Aero Inc., an electric jet startup, for the misappropriation of trade secrets. This decision marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle over the rights to pioneering technology in the aviation sector. The case revolves around a once-promising partnership that soured, leading Zunum, which had been working on innovative electric aircraft, to accuse Boeing of using its closely held technologies without proper authorization. According to the verdict, Boeing’s actions not only infringed on Zunum’s intellectual … Read more

Boeing Loses Major Lawsuit, Ordered to Pay $90 Million for Stealing Trade Secrets from Aerospace Startup

SEATTLE — In a landmark case highlighting the competitive tensions in the aerospace sector, a Seattle-based federal jury has ruled that Boeing misappropriated trade secrets from Zunum Aero, Inc., a once-promising Redmond-based startup focused on developing hybrid-electric aircraft. The verdict, delivered earlier this week, could lead to a staggering $250 million in damages against the aerospace giant if the presiding judge decides to triple the awarded sum due to the malicious nature of the act. Zunum Aero, founded by MIT graduates, brought forth claims in 2020 alleging that Boeing feigned interest in investing in their … Read more

Victims’ Representative Slams U.S. Justice Department for Alleged Lenient Boeing Deal Amid Crash Investigations

Washington, D.C. — A lawyer representing the families of victims in two catastrophic Boeing 737 Max crashes has leveled serious accusations against the U.S. government. The attorney alleges that federal officials are on the verge of securing a lenient plea deal with Boeing, potentially undermining the gravity of the company’s role in the tragedies. Paul Cassell, the attorney spearheading the claims, declared that he had been briefed directly by sources within the Justice Department about the impending deal. According to Cassell, this agreement could significantly limit Boeing’s legal responsibilities for the 737 Max crashes in … Read more

U.S. Justice Department Urges Boeing to Plead Guilty to Fraud Linked to Fatal 737 Max Crashes

The U.S. Justice Department is advancing a proposal that would have aerospace giant Boeing plead guilty to charges of fraud stemming from two catastrophic accidents involving its 737 Max jetliners. These tragedies, occurring in 2018 and 2019, collectively resulted in the deaths of 346 people, sparking global controversy and grounding of the 737 Max fleet. In a recent revelation to the families of the crash victims, federal prosecutors outlined an offer to Boeing: the company must accept the possibility of a guilty plea by the end of next week. Furthermore, the agreement would entail appointing … Read more