Ardra L. Bey Primed for the State Court of Fulton County: An Atlanta Judge’s Pursuit of Justice Continues

Atlanta, Georgia – After dedicating eight years of service to the Atlanta Municipal Court, Judge Ardra L. Bey is now setting her sights on a higher position. A native of Atlanta, Bey has recently announced her intention to run for election to the State Court of Fulton County. This move comes as multiple seats on the bench are up for grabs in the upcoming May 2024 nonpartisan primary election.

With a strong commitment to public service, Bey believes her experience and dedication make her well-suited for the State Court of Fulton County. Having served as a judge in the Atlanta Municipal Court, she has gained valuable insights and knowledge that she hopes to bring to this new role.

Bey’s decision to run for the State Court of Fulton County reflects her deep-rooted belief that service is ingrained in her DNA. She is passionate about upholding justice and making a positive impact on her community. By seeking this higher position, Bey aims to continue her mission of ensuring fair and impartial rulings.

Running for a judicial position in Fulton County is no small feat. As one of the most populous counties in Georgia, it is important to have qualified and dedicated individuals serving as judges. Bey’s candidacy offers a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience, making her a strong contender for the State Court.

The May 2024 nonpartisan primary election will be a pivotal moment for the State Court of Fulton County. With several seats on the bench being contested, voters will have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the court. As candidates like Judge Ardra L. Bey step forward, the electorate will have a variety of choices to consider.

In summary, Judge Ardra L. Bey, who has served the Atlanta Municipal Court for eight years, has announced her intention to run for election to the State Court of Fulton County. She brings with her a deep commitment to public service and a desire to ensure justice is served in her community. With the upcoming nonpartisan primary election in May 2024, Judge Bey’s candidacy presents voters with an opportunity to select a qualified and dedicated individual to help shape the future of the State Court.