Atlanta Judicial Commission Seeks Nominations for Municipal Court Judge Position

Atlanta, Georgia – The Atlanta Judicial Commission is currently accepting nominations for the position of Municipal Court Judge in Atlanta Municipal Court. The commission invites members of the bar and the general public to submit nominations. Interested individuals must submit their nominations in writing by February 10, 2024, to the Atlanta Judicial Commission.

To be eligible for the position, nominees should be at least 25 years old, residents of Atlanta for a minimum of one year prior to appointment, and have practiced law in Georgia for at least five years. The Commission will provide the nominees with an application and a letter outlining its schedules and procedures. A list of nominees is available upon request, as it is considered public information.

While the Commission welcomes communication from organizations or individuals familiar with the qualifications and abilities of the nominees, it discourages general endorsement letter-writing campaigns. However, if anyone wishes to communicate regarding a nominee, a copy of the communication should be sent to all commission members.

The Commission consists of several members, including Von A. DuBose, Esq., who serves as the Chair. The contact details of all the commission members are available for reference in case anyone wishes to get in touch regarding a nominee.

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For more information on the nomination process and the Atlanta Judicial Commission, please refer to their contact details provided in the original article.

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