Beware of Jury Duty Scam in Chesapeake: Scammers Posing as Sheriff’s Office Demand Money to Avoid Arrest

Chesapeake, Virginia – The Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office is raising awareness about a scam that is targeting individuals through fake text messages and phone calls. Undersheriff David Rosado has received numerous reports over the past two weeks regarding these fraudulent communications, all coming from the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office phone number. The scammers employ a persuasive tactic, informing their victims that they have missed jury duty and now possess an arrest warrant.

In an interview with News 3, Rosado revealed that the scammers possess alarming personal information about their targets, including names, addresses, and even the last four digits of their social security numbers. To avoid being arrested, victims are being instructed to withdraw a significant sum of money. However, Rosado emphasized that the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office would never ask individuals to pay a fine in this manner. If there truly is an outstanding arrest warrant, law enforcement officials will apprehend the individual themselves.

The scammers go so far as to provide detailed instructions, urging victims to withdraw money from ATMs or even the kiosk at the jail used for depositing funds into inmate accounts. Rosado stressed the impossibility of carrying out such transactions and highlighted an additional alarming aspect of the scam. After victims withdraw the money, they are instructed to meet the scammers outside in the parking lot to hand over the funds.

One resident, Jim Kleiper, shared his encounter with the scam. He received a text message instructing him to withdraw over $2,900 for missing jury duty. However, upon closer inspection, Kleiper realized that something was off. The form sent by the scammer appeared official at first glance but was ultimately a fabrication originating from the state of Washington, not Virginia.

Rosado expressed concern about unsuspecting victims falling for the scam before realizing its fraudulent nature. He urged anyone who believes they may be targeted to contact the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office and report the incident. By informing the authorities, individuals can take necessary steps to prevent further financial loss.

In summary, the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office is cautioning residents about a jury duty scam that has been plaguing the community with fake text messages and phone calls. Scammers are exploiting personal information to intimidate victims into withdrawing money under the guise of avoiding arrest. It is essential for individuals to remain vigilant and report any suspicious communications to the authorities to protect themselves and others from falling victim to this deceptive scheme.