Beware of Scammers Posing as Knox County Sheriff’s Office with Jury Duty Scam Calls

KNOX COUNTY, Ind. – Residents in Knox County, Indiana, are being targeted by scammers who use a fraudulent jury duty excuse to trick individuals into giving them money. The Knox County Sheriff’s Department recently issued a warning about this increase in scam calls. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the scammers are using a spoofed number that appears as the local sheriff’s department on caller ID. They then proceed to fabricate a missed jury duty scenario and threaten the victim with hefty fines or an arrest warrant. To clarify, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department emphasized that … Read more

Retired Resident Reflects on the Jury Duty Experience: A Balancing Act of Justice and Personal Conviction

Durango, Colorado – Serving on a jury can be a unique and thought-provoking experience. Recently, a columnist from The Durango Herald shared their personal reflections on their time as a juror. As someone who was also a part of that jury, I can relate to their sentiments. Throughout the years, I had been summoned for jury duty multiple times, but never had the opportunity to actually serve until now. When my name was called, I felt a mixture of surprise and responsibility. I took pride in knowing that I could approach the role with impartiality … Read more

Transnational Corporate Law Litigation: Holding American Corporations Accountable for Foreign Violations Through Fiduciary Duty Claims

Wilmington, Delaware – Corporate law experts in the United States widely recognize the significance of Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence. While directors and officers have considerable leeway in making business decisions, they are not immune to being held accountable for corporate law violations. Directors and officers betray shareholders when they knowingly allow the corporation to break the law. A forthcoming paper titled “Transnational Corporate Law Litigation” in the Duke Law Journal explores how Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence can be utilized to deter corporate lawbreaking in foreign countries. The paper presents a blueprint that explains why violations … Read more

Demystifying Jury Duty: Essential Information and Tips for New Yorkers

Staten Island, New York – Jury duty is an essential civic obligation for Americans, but it is often met with reluctance. Prospective jurors in Staten Island have been known to resort to all sorts of unconventional excuses, such as claiming their skin spontaneously combusts every month or insisting they are unable to multitask due to being in a relationship. To ease the burden of jury service and address common questions, Gothamist, an online publication, has provided answers to some of the most pressing inquiries regarding jury service in the city. The first question many people … Read more