Hunterdon County Sheriff Issues Alert on New Jury Duty Scam Targeting Residents

FLEMINGTON, N.J. — Authorities in Hunterdon County are alerting the public to a new scam involving fake jury duty phone calls that threaten residents with arrest for failing to appear for jury service. The Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports about these fraudulent calls, which attempt to extract fines from victims by exploiting their fears of legal repercussions. Sheriff Fredrick Brown noted that the scammers often pose as employees of the Sheriff’s Office, using sophisticated tactics such as spoofing real phone numbers belonging to the judiciary. During these calls, the impersonators claim that … Read more

Nassau County Officials Alert Public to Jury Duty Scam Calls Threatening Arrest

Nassau County, Florida — Local authorities are issuing an urgent alert about a phone scam in which individuals, impersonating court officials, are threatening residents with arrest unless they pay for supposed missed jury duties. The Nassau County Clerk of Court’s Office has highlighted an alarming rise in these fraudulent activities over the past week. Mitch Keiter, Chief of Staff and Operations at the Clerk’s Office, stated that the callers cunningly use the names of actual court staff to enhance the credibility of their demands, thereby deceiving the recipients into believing the call is legitimate. These … Read more

Brown County Officials Issue Alert on Rising Jury Duty Scam Schemes

Green Bay, Wis. — Brown County citizens are currently being targeted by phone scammers posing as members of law enforcement to extract money by claiming the victims have failed to report for jury duty, county officials announced this week. These scams have shown a worrying rate of frequency and sophistication, causing increasing concern among local residents and authorities. Typically, the scammer informs the target that they have missed a jury summons and are at risk of facing a fine or arrest. Victims are then directed to rectify the situation by purchasing prepaid debit cards or … Read more

Darlington County Sheriff Warns Against Jury Duty Phone Scam Demanding Fines

DARLINGTON COUNTY, S.C. — Authorities in Darlington County have issued an alert regarding a burgeoning telephone scam that targets residents under the guise of missed jury duty obligations. The scam involves callers falsely claiming that individuals have failed to appear for jury duty and now face arrest unless they pay a so-called fine. Sheriff James Hudson Jr. of the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office emphasized the fraudulent nature of these demands, stating that no legitimate government entity would ever solicit payment over the phone as a penalty for missed jury service. He urged the public to … Read more