Beware of Scammers Impersonating Officials: Douglas County Residents Fall Victim to Jury Duty Scam

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) has issued a warning to Colorado residents about a scam involving individuals posing as DCSO officials. This scam specifically targets older citizens, many of whom have fallen victim to losing thousands of dollars. The scammers contact their targets and claim that fines and fees are owed for missing jury service and other civil services. They often use the names of DCSO staff and deputies to make their fraudulent calls.

In response to this scam, DCSO emphasizes that they will never request payment for fines related to jury service, bond/bail, arrest warrants, or civil services through methods such as gift cards, wire transfers, Bitcoin, Green Dot cards, MoneyPak cards, Zelle or Venmo transfers, or ATM deposits. Additionally, DCSO advises against granting remote access to personal computers or bank accounts to anyone unfamiliar, as well as cautioning against blindly trusting caller ID information that may appear to be from DCSO or another government agency.

If anyone receives a call from an unfamiliar individual asking for money, it is essential to report the incident immediately to DCSO at (303) 660-7500 or to the local police station. It is particularly crucial to ensure that older citizens, who may not always be aware of such scams circulating on social media, are informed about these fraudulent schemes.

The DCSO’s scam alert serves as a reminder for residents to remain vigilant and cautious when it comes to providing personal information and financial assistance over the phone. Scammers are constantly evolving their tactics to exploit vulnerable individuals, but with awareness and timely reporting, the impact of these scams can be mitigated.

Residents of Douglas County are urged to educate their loved ones about the existence of this scam and to share the information provided by DCSO to prevent others from falling victim to these fraudulent activities.