Beware of the Jury Duty Scam Sweeping Brown County: How to Stay Protected

BROWN COUNTY, Wisconsin — Residents of Brown County, Wisconsin, are being targeted by a jury duty scam, according to a warning from the Brown County Clerk’s Office. Scammers posing as law enforcement officials have been calling residents and claiming that they failed to appear for jury duty, leading them to demand either surrender or payment over the phone using gift cards. In some cases, false payment notices have even been sent via mail, instructing targets to make payments with gift cards. The scammers rely on cash or gift cards as they are difficult to trace or cancel before the transaction is completed.

To protect themselves, individuals who suspect they are being targeted are advised to hang up the phone and contact the organization or entity that is supposedly calling them. Furthermore, if a scam is suspected, it is crucial to report it to local law enforcement agencies to prevent others from falling victim to the same scheme.

Scammers continue to find inventive methods to defraud unsuspecting individuals, and this particular scam exploits the fear associated with legal obligations such as jury duty. By impersonating law enforcement officials and pressuring residents with demands for immediate payment, the scammers hope to catch people off guard and con them into believing that they owe a penalty.

This warning serves as a reminder that individuals should stay vigilant and skeptical when receiving unexpected calls or demands for payment. Legitimate government agencies or organizations typically do not request payment over the phone or in the form of gift cards. Additionally, residents should familiarize themselves with the procedures of their local government, so they can recognize when a request or demand is out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, scams like these are all too common, preying on people’s vulnerability and trust. It is essential for everyone to be aware of the techniques scammers use and be proactive in protecting themselves and their finances. By spreading awareness and reporting scams, individuals can contribute to efforts to stop these fraudulent activities and help others avoid becoming victims.