Bloomington Police Investigate Alleged Swindling of South American Residents in U.S. Citizenship Scam

Bloomington, Indiana – Bloomington police are currently investigating an alleged swindling case involving two South American residents who believe they have been defrauded out of a substantial amount of money. The victims claim that a man posing as a lawyer promised to secure their U.S. citizenship in exchange for thousands of dollars.

According to the Bloomington Police Department, a 39-year-old Venezuelan man and a 44-year-old woman from Colombia reported the incident on Sunday afternoon. They stated that a person known to a relative in Colombia had referred them to a man in Texas who claimed to be an immigration attorney specializing in citizenship issues.

Over the past few months, the victims transferred a total of $13,800 to the suspect’s bank account using the Zelle direct-money transfer platform. However, their suspicions were aroused when the man began demanding additional funds for taxes and fees related to the promised citizenship services, which they never received.

The victims decided to report the incident to the police when the suspect continued contacting them and requesting more money. It is important to note that the suspect in question was arrested on January 7 in El Paso, Texas, on fraud charges that are unrelated to the allegations made by the Bloomington victims.

Unfortunately, the Bloomington Police Department did not provide further details regarding the suspect’s arrest in El Paso. The investigation into the alleged swindling case is still ongoing.

Instances like these serve as a stark reminder for individuals to exercise caution when engaging in financial transactions with unknown individuals or entities. This case highlights the importance of verifying the credentials and legitimacy of professionals before entering into any agreements or making monetary commitments.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact Bloomington police at the provided contact information.

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