Transnational Corporate Law Litigation: Holding American Corporations Accountable for Foreign Violations Through Fiduciary Duty Claims

Wilmington, Delaware – Corporate law experts in the United States widely recognize the significance of Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence. While directors and officers have considerable leeway in making business decisions, they are not immune to being held accountable for corporate law violations. Directors and officers betray shareholders when they knowingly allow the corporation to break the law. A forthcoming paper titled “Transnational Corporate Law Litigation” in the Duke Law Journal explores how Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence can be utilized to deter corporate lawbreaking in foreign countries. The paper presents a blueprint that explains why violations … Read more

Unregulated Lawsuit Lending Threatens Fairness and Timeliness in the American Legal System, Urgent Reforms Needed

New York, NY – The American legal system, symbolized by the iconic Lady Justice statue, is intended to be a fair and even playing field. However, the reality is far more complex, with various factors that favor those with power and resources. One of these factors is the rapidly growing lawsuit lending industry, a shadowy and unregulated practice that poses a threat to the equilibrium of the legal system. Third-party litigation funding (TPLF) is more than just a financial aid for disadvantaged plaintiffs – it has evolved into a dubious influence that often dictates the … Read more

Federal Judge Vacates NLRB’s Joint Employer Rule in Major Win for American Businesses

Dodgertown, USA – In a significant legal victory for American businesses, a federal judge on Friday evening overturned the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) “joint employer” rule that was set to take effect that day. The rule would have modified the standard used to determine joint-employer status and revoked a previous 2020 version of the rule that was perceived to be more favorable for employers. US District Judge J. Campbell Barker from the Eastern District of Texas declared in his final judgment that the new rule “would be contrary to law” and that rescinding the … Read more

Protecting American Intellectual Property: The Threat Posed by Foreign Funders in Mass Tort Litigations

Santa Clara, Calif. – Lax regulations in the United States are creating an avenue for foreign adversaries to access sensitive corporate information and American trade secrets, posing a threat to national security. Strong intellectual property protections are crucial for sectors like aerospace, defense, biotech, and energy. Therefore, it is imperative to address this oversight. The issue revolves around mass tort litigations, which are personal injury legal actions involving large companies that allegedly caused harm to multiple plaintiffs. Attorneys specializing in mass torts can profit greatly from these cases, as they often receive a significant share … Read more