Bonner County Resident Threatens Lawsuit Over Commissioner’s Alleged Personal Attack During Meeting

SANDPOINT, Idaho – A local resident in Bonner County is threatening to sue the county over alleged physical and emotional harm caused by Commissioner Luke Omodt. The resident, Dian Welle, claims that Omodt singled her out during a meeting when he stated that lies would not be tolerated. Welle demanded a public apology from Omodt for looking at her during the meeting.

The incident occurred during the public comment section of the meeting. Welle stated that she had asked Commissioner Asia Williams a question, which she believed was allowed during that portion of the meeting. Her question pertained to whether former commissioners were considered normal members of the public. Welle claimed to have seen two former commissioners in and around the commissioners’ offices, even during executive sessions.

According to Welle, problems arose after another county resident made a comment about the board, referring to the answer as “slimy.” Omodt interrupted the individual’s comments but waited until after they had finished speaking and Williams had responded to speak himself. He mentioned that comments during commissioner reports should be relevant to the report and should not consist of personal attacks on current or former commissioners. Omodt emphasized that lies would not be tolerated.

Welle felt that during Omodt’s statement, he locked eyes with her, making it a personal attack. She claimed that he specifically accused her of spreading lies, which caused her emotional harm and physical distress. In response, Welle demanded a retraction and apology from Omodt, both verbally and in writing, as well as a written statement signed by all three commissioners to be published in the newspaper.

Omodt expressed a desire for Welle to have spoken to him directly about her concerns before taking legal action. He emphasized his commitment to public service and his loyalty to Bonner County.

Welle has previously lodged complaints against the commissioners, sending emails to the county prosecutor, the state Attorney General, Idaho Gov. Brad Little, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

If her demands are not met within 20 days, Welle intends to pursue a lawsuit against the county on January 9.

In summary, a Bonner County resident is threatening legal action against Commissioner Luke Omodt, claiming that he caused her physical and emotional harm during a meeting. The resident has demanded a public apology and retractions of alleged accusations made by Omodt. Omodt has encouraged open dialogue and expressed his commitment to serving the county.