Class Action Lawsuit Reveals Defective LG and Kenmore Refrigerators: Consumers Demand Compensation and Extended Compressor Warranty

LOS ANGELES, CA – A growing number of consumers are experiencing frustrating malfunctions with their LG and Kenmore refrigerators. Eric Schleich, a resident of Los Angeles, recently faced a series of breakdowns with his Kenmore refrigerator after just four years of use. Initially, the ice maker ceased working, followed by the freezer, and eventually, the entire fridge stopped cooling. Forced to take immediate action, Schleich resorted to transferring his groceries to coolers and living out of them for several days.

Unfortunately, Schleich’s experience is not an isolated incident. Over 100 consumers have come forward and joined a class-action lawsuit against LG and Kenmore’s parent company, as well as multiple retailers. They claim that the refrigerators featuring LG linear compressors, allegedly known to be defective, were sold without appropriate warnings or disclosures. Attorney Azar Mouzari, who filed the case in Beverly Hills, revealed that LG has previously faced legal action over faulty units, settling one such case in 2020.

LG, in response to the allegations, has referred to the complainants’ claims as a poorly substantiated and wide-ranging complaint. However, the lawsuit aims to achieve two key objectives: financial compensation for affected consumers and an extension of warranty coverage for the compressors. Despite reaching out for comment, neither LG nor Kenmore’s parent company have provided a response.

Schleich’s situation illustrates the financial burdens this issue can impose on consumers. While his compressor was covered under the 10-year warranty, the labor expenses for installing the new part totaled $525. Now, Schleich is left questioning the durability of the replacement LG compressor.

As the class-action suit progresses, it serves as a stern reminder to consumers and manufacturers about the importance of quality control, transparency, and the proper redressal of complaints.